Benefits of Bloom Networking

Feel Connected, Get Promoted, Be Empowered.... and meet an inspiring group of women.

  • Regular events of different kinds to suit different needs and agendas
  • Supportive Resources & Tools to help your Business Bloom
  • Guest Speakers who educate and inspire
  • Your Profile on Our website in the 'Members In Bloom' section
  • Be part of the community and increase your exposure on Social Media - visit We also have a Closed Facebook Group exclusively for Bloom Networking Members - a space for you to connect & support each other online
  • An opportunity to present your business as a 'Member In Bloom' at a Monthly Morning Meeting
  • Host a social meeting at your venue (if applicable)
  • Babysitting available for day time events (costs apply)
  • Connect with a group of genuine, down to earth women helping and supporting each other
  • NO pressure to make referrals, we're about making genuine connections & working together to grow
  • Regular educational guest speakers and workshops will assist you to develop important skills like building up your own social media following, marketing strategies, free PR tools and growing relationships to increase your business

Everyone is welcome. There are no restrictions on how many people per industry, we have an attitude of abundance and believe there is enough prosperity to go around. Different personalities will connect on different levels and two people in the same profession are likely to specialise in different areas offering unique benefits.

  • Networking is about making connections, whether it be with a wholesaler, supplier, retailer, customer, advertiser, cross-promoter, accountant, book keeper, business coach, health practitioner, travel agent, you get the idea.......
  • Our Members are a fantastic group of women, all stages of their personal and professional lives and running a wonderfully wide range of businesses
  • We all wear may different hats. Nurturing you as a person, a business woman and (maybe) a mum is an important part of Bloom Networking.
  • We help you find essential tools & professional advice for how to best plant the seed, grow and ultimately blossom in business
  • As part of Bloom Networking you will have exclusive opportunities to attend the hottest networking events on the Peninsula with leading guest speakers

This is your networking group so please let us know what else you would like to see at our events and would like to achieve from being a Full-Bloom Member

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Benefits of Bloome
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