Psychosocial Recovery Coaching

Supporting NDIS Participants With Psychosocial Recovery

We help people who have an NDIS plan that includes Psycho Social Recovery.
We help you learn skills and implement strategies to create positive outcomes for an independant and happier life.

Mindset Coaching

One on One Coaching - Online & In Person 

Create consistent positive outcomes. Our coaching is PERFECT for you if you need a strategic mindset plan AND accountability. With one on one or group coaching create outcomes that will help you achieve your dreams to stay on track for long term successful outcomes in your life.

Discover the SIMPLE but POWERFUL step system that will help you change old thought pattern that are holding you back. This is a powerful mindset shifting program combines Mindset Principles and Strategies.


Group Coaching Sessions

Group Coaching - Online

We help people with or without a disAILITY learn mindset principles and implement strategies to create positive outcomes for a happier life.
Join our group coaching to learn and netowork with other like minded people.

What others have to say about us!  

"I have just participated in Tashia’s miracle mindset coaching and was blown away by my own transformation in such a short space of time! I was really stuck at a big crossroads in my life and was feeling very weighed down with the opinions of others around this issue, plus I had a big dose of ‘mum guilt!’ I had tried techniques in the past such as affirmations and positive thinking – however nothing really shifted until I put into practice some of the principles that Tashia suggested which completely change my perspective and feelings on the issues I was experiencing there was a miraculous shift in a lot of areas of my life, and this occurred virtually overnight! Huge positive changes manifested within the next few weeks of coaching with Tashia – in fact my life completely turned around and I just cannot thank her enough for all her help as I was really struggling when I first started… I highly recommend Tashia and her miracle mindset program". Natasha Z

"I was extremely impressed with the assistance I received during our coaching sessions. Your genuine commitment to helping, delivering the right source of information, the right ideas and your integrity was impressive and appreciated. I look forward to more of your professional services. I now know that I can rely on you for your expertise and wisdom. Thank you Tashia". Tia, Manager Twisted Ribbon

"My experience with Bloom Networking has been a great pleasure. Tashia has been a great help to me. Tashia has a unique way of letting you go at your own pace but with gentle prods which spur you into action without you realising what is happening. I have been very impressed by the efficiency and professionalism of the Bloom team". Graeme, Vermont


ICF Memeber

Memeber International Coaching Federation

Mindset Master Coach
Anastasia Searle

Master Coach

Miracle-Minded Mastery Coach

Trained by Marianne Williamson