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FAQs regarding your membership payments

Once you have decided which level of membership you would like you can then choose to pay monthly or annually.

Monthly payments are debited from your PayPal account each month. You set this up yourself by clicking one of the options above.

If you choose the monthly option there is NO MINIMUM membership time. If at any time your circumstances change or you decide Bloom Networking isn’t right for you, then you can simply cancel through PayPal.

Some people don’t want to use PayPal so if you’d prefer to create a monthly direct debit payment from your bank account please email me and I will send you the account number to pay into.

Annual payments – this is one payment per year (you pay for 11 months up front) – this is also recurring and a payment will come out 12 months from the date your first payment was made.
Both are set up for your convenience and mine (you don’t have to worry about renewing & saves me a LOT of paperwork).

Once the automatic notification comes through to say you created an account your profile page will be created on the Bloom Networking website (I’ll require your bio and logo to be emailed to savvy@bloomnetworking.com.au)

** Please note: if you choose to do the payment directly from your bank please email me to let me know as I won’t get a notification

Other important points:
Your membership cost INCLUDES GST so make sure you claim it if you’re registered for GST

Your membership is tax deductible

Your Daisy and Lily membership includes meetings so you don’t have to pay anything extra along the way (unless you would  like to attend extra meetings), however I still require you to register for events so I have correct numbers. As we approach each event a link will be sent out via email, social media and posted on the website.

Can up change my current Bloom membership?

Yes, absolutely. All current members are a Daisy and I’m excited that some have already upgraded to be a Lily. On the flip side if you find yourself unable to attend meetings regularly but still want to be part of Bloom you can become a Jasmine.  Give me a call or email so I can help you make the change! 



How many meetings can I attend with my Bloom membership?

Jasmine – for those who are not able to attend meetings but would still like to gain the benefits of the educational and online networking components of Bloom Networking. You can attend ONE meeting at $18 (trial price) on top of your membership. If your circumstances change and you’d like to come to meetings in a regular basis then the Daisy membership is ideal for you…

Daisy – This is equivalent to the original Bloom membership with some added features – ONE meeting a month is included in your Daisy membership, however you are welcome to attend other locations during the same month at an extra cost of $15

Lily – attendance to all THREE meetings/locations throughout the month are included in your Lily membership, there is obviously no obligation to attend all of them but the opportunity is there is you would like to. There are many other benefits of the Lily membership.


Do I have to attend the same location each month?

Absolutely not, you may prefer to attend the meetings closest to where you operate your business, however if your target audience is widespread across the Peninsula or even further, then you are welcome to attend any location and meet new people each time. If you do attend different locations you could go two or more months without seeing people so it’s important  to be consistent when creating new connections and be present on social media or organise meet up for coffee!


Do I have to be a Bloom Member to come to a meeting?

No, everyone is welcome to come along and see if Bloom Networking is right for you. There is an abundance of networking experiences available across the Mornington Peninsula and Frankston areas and it’s important that you find the right networking group for your personality and business type. Non-members can attend ONE meeting at a trial cost of only $18, after that you might decide to become a member or I’m happy to discuss different options if you’re not in a position to commit right now.