The logistics - Each Mastermind group is held fortnightly for 2.5-3 hrs with a maximum of 5 people, who each have a minimum of 20 minutes to focus on your business. This is YOUR time to raise a challenge, ask for feedback or simply do a big download of ideas; it's a very cathartic experience!

To help give us some clear rules, boundaries and expectations I've expanded on the graphic below to create this Mastermind Manifesto which will help us all grow together. I welcome your input and feedback about this Manifesto, or your Mastermind experience in general; after all it's designed for you & is truly a space to flourish, thrive and grow your business!

Bloom Mastermind Manifesto


Listen - with an open mind - listen to others without judgement, listen to the suggestions and advice you're given from others & listen to your intuition - at the end of the day, you are the one who knows what's best for you and your business.

Share - with an open heart - know that Mastermind is a safe place to share your thoughts and feelings about your business (& personal life if that's what's important for you at the time) and in doing so your Mastermind group are able to understand your business goals, thus able to help you effectively

Inspire - you WILL inspire others and they will inspire you - this one just happens naturally!

Commit - to yourself and the other Mastermind members - when you sign up as a Lily member you are committing to yourself, the growth of your business, and the other members of your group. The quality of your Mastermind groups experience is determined by the commitment of its members to each other so please put it in your calendar as a high priority, just as you would for any other important appointment.
If you unsure of your ability to commit to attending fortnightly Mastermind sessions we can discuss whether it's the best time slot for you or whether Mastermind is the best option for your business journey.

Connect - we are here to deepen the connections already created through Bloom Networking - we're broadening our support network, inviting input & a new perspective, creating a bond based genuine, long lasting and mutually beneficial connections.

Challenge - we won't always agree with one another - we are here to challenge our current ways of thinking. Growth comes from challenging each other’s habits and beliefs beyond our existing knowledge.  We also challenge ourselves by setting goals that we aim to achieve in order to gain momentum.

Clarity - comes from curiosity and conversation - ask questions, ask yourself, your potential target audience and your fellow mastermind members. Questions and conversation are simply the BEST way to understand if you are combing what you love with what you're good at and if your goals are aligned with your Vision. There is no point working towards something if you don't feel in your heart and soul it's the right think for you to achieve.

Focus - clarity brings focus - when you know what you want to achieve you can take steps each and every day to make the goals become reality.

Accountability - ever written a heap of things on your to-do list and continually transferred them over to the next day? This can happen easily without accountability - each fortnight you will begin by telling us how you went with your action points from last meeting, then at the end you'll decide on your action points for the fortnight ahead.

There is no judgement if your actions aren’t getting done, but we can discuss why this might be the case and help you to assess your goals and figure out where the blockages are.

Positivity - Bloom Networking naturally attracts positive uplifting people and Mastermind is definitely the place to come to get your regular fix of encouragement and enthusiasm. So, the main point here is to understand the importance of taking people's advice on board with a positive attitude. Not all of the suggestions made will be suitable for your business or situation, but through discussion, an imperfect idea can turn into the best thing you've ever done for your business so it’s important to keep an open mind.

Gratitude - I'm sure we have all experienced the power of gratitude and understand that when we approach a situation with a grateful heart and mind we really allow ourselves to get the most out of it.

Respect - Please understand that while Mastermind is designed for everyone involved to grow your business, it's not a place to find new clients. Everyone is there to offer help and suggestions during the session and a further working arrangement may develop organically as your relationship grows. I have seen many fellow members work together on projects & become clients of each other & I certainly encourage this, but the benefits of Mastermind go well beyond getting new clients.

In conclusion

I really love how the Mastermind groups are growing and evolving. Much of these ‘guidelines’ don’t really need to be said, but assuming that everyone has a full understanding of a thought or idea is leaving oneself open to misinterpretation and miscommunication. These guidelines ensure everyone comes on board with the same expectations and they’re the aspects of Mastermind that make it work so well.

In healthy, happiness and success

Jo Schutt