At Bloom Networking meeting this month we introduced ourselves and our business, and we were also asked to share an achievable goal for the next month.  Knowing my current workload, I could have taken an easy option, however I chose to challenge myself and tick something off my 'to do' list that had been there for over 12 months (yes, you read correctly).

The goal I verbalised (with trepidation) was "to write my first blog.....and upload it".  So with the hard part done of putting it out there so I am now accountable, it's onto the next part of actually writing and finishing it.


The heading of this blog reads, No time like the present...


What is meant by the phrases "there is no time like the present", "the here and now",  "paying attention to the present moment" or even "in the moment"?  They all fall under the banner of Mindfulness.  An increasingly popular, yet ancient approach that is said to improve general wellbeing and mental health.

As a counsellor and mindfulness facilitator I am 'pro' mindfulness and its benefits. When I first was introduced to mindfulness I was intrigued by how being mindful can help with (but not limited to) anxiety, worrying, increasing focus and developing of inner calm.  As I read more and started introducing it into my daily regime, I questioned whether I was missing something - because I was actually getting it.

Attending a seven week Relaxation, Meditation & Mindfulness course confirmed that I did get what Mindfulness was about, and I was beginning to see the benefits of the practise personally, and on my family.

It made sense to introduce mindfulness techniques into my counselling approach as well as completing a leader training in mindfulness and I haven't looked back.  With practical methods it equips clients and group participants with their own 'tool kit' to manage their life and take control of their own wellbeing.  Whether it is out of intrigue, to feel calmer, to be more present in life - Mindfulness can offer all that if you are willing to put in effort and integrate it into your everyday.

You can start now by taking a few minutes to centre yourself with your breath.  Bringing the awareness to your in breath and out breath.  Allow your breath to follow it's natural rhythm and you are noticing and focussing on the breath.  As your mind wanders (and it will) acknowledge the thought and bring yourself back to the breath.  You are at this time being mindful, present and offering yourself improved wellbeing both mentally and physically to continue on with the next part of your day.

So as it has been said "There is no time like the present" - the here and now presents itself with opportunities and insight into self, environment and world.  If you want to live each moment, truly living, seeing and feeling it, then may I suggest you take a breath and experience for yourself the benefits Mindfulness can offer.  My other motto is 'rushing calmly' and it really can be achievable (more on that next time).

As it has been for me by utilising the phrase 'there's no time like the present' I have completed and achieved my goal, and it was effort worth making.  Take that breath and offer yourself that few minutes each day, see where it takes you.


Eryka is a registered counsellor and business owner of Looking Forward Counselling. For further details you can go to