It's fair to say, I'm a sharer!

So holding true to this title, in early January I shared "22 things I’m going to achieve in 2014" with 498 Facebook friends.
I created the list in a word document, pasted into the status bar on facebook, hesitated for a second (what will people think, is it too personal), then clicked Post! Really, what have I got to lose by sharing my personal and professional goals? I was pleasantly surprised by the supportive and positive feedback....
Actually, I don't know why I was surprised because I make a point of surrounding myself with positive and supportive people and situations like this reinforce the benefit of being part of a community of entrepreneurs with a passion for helping people!

Here's my "22 Things" which then turned into 24 after posting!

1. Organise the 1st Peninsula Pregnancy, Bubs & Kids Expo

2. Hold 7 Bloom Networking Monthly Morning Teas (7 guest speakers)

3. Finish my eBook

4. Hold 2 Networking Nights Out for Bloom & one Christmas Party

5. Organise the 4th Peninsula Health & Wellbeing Expo

6. Complete book and get it published (different to eBook)

7. Hold 3 Networking Nights Out for PHWE Participants

8. Get my paperwork organised (& stay organised)

9. Get my business and our personal finances sorted

10. Feel fit & strong

11. Hold 3 Bloom Networking Business Focus Days (9 guest speakers)

12. Practice meditation & mindfulness (to help me get through this list)

13. Have 100 Bloom Members by the start of July 2014

14. Facilitate Bloom Mastermind Sessions (two groups for first half of the year & 4 in the second)

15. Outsource more e.g. have someone else maintain the Bloom Networking site & record the meetings

16. Build up the website to 100 local (paying) businesses

17. Master Xero! (online accounting software)

18. Have a family holiday in September

19. Pay myself a wage!!

20. By mid-year have completed 3 Case Studies of businesses I've helped to become established &/or grow (have started one)

21. Start Bloom Networking TV (finally)

22. Get Lana to Kinder on time


23. Get a cleaner
24. Have one hot date a month

Now what?

Keep looking at the list, picturing myself doing these things, imagining the feeling of satisfaction during and after I accomplish each item on the list, but most importantly creating an action plan for each one. These are the keys to satisfying my desire to achieve these 24 things in 2014.  Sounds simple right!!

Don't worry, I'm also realistic, I know many of these things won't be quick or easy, but I'm a firm believer that life is about freedom & choice, we are free to choose whether to step up and challenge ourselves or sit back and wait for things to happen.

What are your goals for 2014? How do you record your goals?

Are you a list person? Would you share it with your friends or keep it private? Are you a visual person? Create a vision board & put it somewhere you can see it to give you inspiration.

Aim high, inspire yourself & inspire others!