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You can get mentoring with me, Tashia, the owner of Bloom Networking, from $35 per half hour and I can talk through your challenges, give pointers on how to do something or you can just vent! Check it out by clicking the link.

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We understand you don't always have a lot money to commit to services, but at the same time you don't have enough time to do it all yourself! At Bloom Networking, we do press releases, social media scheduling, blog management, & more all for a great price.

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Whether you're a reader or a viewer - we have tips and advice for you in every format on Bloom Networking. Check out my YouTube channel here for great fb live interviews with videos on raising your profile though personal branding, setting up FB ads, getting more customers and much more. The blog is also jam packed with new articles on creativity, time management, looking after your health (to ensure a successful business), budgeting and more.

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