Building Ideology

By JellyJo | January 16, 2017

Business Name: Building Ideology Contact: Beck Rodgers M: 0431 200 621 E: Web: FB:   About: Building Ideology believes that everyone, especially our children, should be free to live and work in healthy environments. A great deal can be done by everyone to create healthy spaces and it is Building Ideology’s vision to achieve…

Drive Skills 4 Life

By JellyJo | November 2, 2016

Sarah’s aim is to support every learner to gain the skills that some of us have taken for granted now that we’ve had our licences for many years. As a former licence tester Sarah found that too many young people were coming in for their test having done more than the required 120 hours but…

The Garden Frankston

By JellyJo | July 28, 2016

The Garden is a thriving Mind, Body, Business Hub for start ups, entrepreneurs and holistic practitioners to grow their business. This multipurpose venue has several different spaces including, co-working, a workshop room & smaller meeting room, 4 consulting rooms a multimedia creators studio and a retail space.

Celebrating Summer Solstice

By JellyJo | June 16, 2016

Summer Solstice makes for the perfect occasion to celebrate life   Although Spring is my favourite season for the warming weather, new blooms and beautiful aromas, Summer is definitely my favourite time of year.     Christmas can be stressful, the pressure to purchase the right gifts, entertain and keep up the Santa gig. But Christmas…

self care heart

Self care research results

By JellyJo | May 19, 2016

I’m loving the results of the Self Care Research survey, I also love that it’s got many of you thinking about the topic.  I thought I’d first share the responses to the question… What do you do to take care of yourself & how often? Each dot point is a single response, unedited, anonymous, interesting…

Doing what you love – even if it hurts!

By JellyJo | April 2, 2016

I think this huge WIN is worth sharing because it’s been one hell of a journey to get to this point and writing a blog about it is a good way to celebrate, because it’s too early in the morning (maybe even the process) for champagne. Plus it’s a nice way to tell people before…


By JellyJo | March 3, 2016

A good plan needs a good planner! And here we have the birth of the Antplanners! If you need a usable planner/diary take a look at Antplanners! Antplanners offers the perfect tool to help grow your business by planning for success. This planner is designed to help you stay on target and achieve growth, by…

Peninsula School of Dance

By JellyJo | February 29, 2016

At Peninsula School of Dance we provide an environment that nurtures, challenges and inspires kids to be the best they can be. Dance is a visual, physical and emotional art form from which individuals derive many benefits including Improved posture and deportment Body awareness and coordination Confidence, persistence and resilience Improved emotional and physical health Many…

Gumhill Proofreading

By JellyJo | February 29, 2016

Hello, I’m Dianne Wadsworth, owner and operator of Gumhill Proofreading. Following a long and varied career in customer service, administration and working for not-for-profit organisations, I obtained a qualification in editing and proofreading, and Gumhill Proofreading was created in 2013. Gumhill Proofreading provides proofreading services and solutions that include, but are not limited to: • book…