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Bloom Networking’s philosophy is that everyone CAN succeed and deserves the best opportunity to grow and develop successful businesses and individual visions.

Along the business path there are ups & downs, and being an entrepreneurial person you can have difficult moments, making you doubt your destination. Bloom Networking was created to provide support, inspiration and connections with the right people who understand the journey & want to see you grow and succeed!

Based in Melbourne, Bloom offers networking opportunities, guest speakers, communications and members who value what you bring to the forum.


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A community for women in business, focused on supporting your personal and professional development, encouraging you to step out of your comfort zone (because that’s when great things can happen).

Whatever stage you’re at in your business, whether you’ve just planted the business seed or you and your business are fully blossoming, you will feel energised by the advice, support and assistance offered through Bloom.

Our Events have fabulous guest speakers & the 15-20 women who attend our monthly meetings, represent a diverse range of businesses across the Mornington Peninsula & South Eastern Suburbs. Along with an active community on the Facebook Page & closed Facebook Members Group, there are many opportunities to get involved & meet new like-minded business savvy women.

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Tashia Searle is a wife, mother & entrepreneur who is driven by a passion for enabling and facilitating growth in people. Her ability to connect like-minded people has lead to many successful collaborations, partnerships and cross-promotion relationships within the Bloom Networking and wider community.

Having a background in Social Science and a holistic approach to life gives Tashia a unique ability to inspire people to maintain a positive self-esteem and to succeed in their business and life.

Tashia shares her knowledge and helps people move forward in business by supporting her Bloom leaders in running networking and training meetings in various locations throughout Melbourne each month along with training groups following the Networking meetings on a monthly basis to support members to succeed in business and life.

"Bloom Networking has naturally attracted people who are not only passionate about their businesses, but also about making a difference in the world, it’s a delight to be among these savvy business women and be able to provide a space where their visions are nurtured & achievements celebrated''.

Tashia Searle– Owner of Bloom Networking


Bloom Networking Vision

A place for women to enjoy genuine connections, personal growth and business success. Creating communities of women who learn from each other, create valuable connections and are supported through their business and along their life's journey.

Bloom Networking Mission

1. To provide a learning environment by facilitating highly motivational and informative Guest Speakers for personal and professional growth
2. To connect passionate women who feel valued for their contribution and experience the power of a like-minded community
3. To make a difference to the lives of the women involved, their families and the greater community


Members in Bloom

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New direction 

Tashia's vision and future direction for Bloom Networking is to appoint amazing women as leaders for various locations thoughout Australia to run Bloom Networking Branches. This will enable Bloom to grow and touch the lives of many more women in business. Bloom mastermind branches are being establishes to help in supporting the vision in adding value to the Bloom membership.

I look forward to welcoming you to Bloom Networking to enjoy the connections and commitment of business women for yourself. Tashia Searle