Revive and Rejuvenate Wellness Clinic


Ruth is a Naturopath and considers herself a Wellness Advocate in every sense of the word. Revive and Rejuvenate was born out of Ruth's passion to get the message of natural therapies out there as she believes that natural medicines have become a forgotten and untapped resource in the Western world, even though they are highly efficacious and multi-talented in treating a variety of conditions that would otherwise prove resistant to the current approach provided by the medical industry.

Ruth has created a supportive and nurturing environment for clients to embark on their 'Wellness Journey" that allows them to discover their health goals in a creative and meaningful way. Ruth makes use of both my medical & traditional medicine to bring the very best care to each client, sharing her passion for natural remedies and a more holistic paradigm of health.

Business Name: Revive and Rejuvenate Wellness Clinic
Contact: Ruth Green
Locations: Sandhurst & Frankston
Mobile: 0420 995 474
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